Tianbo Wet Chemical extinguishes the fire by forming a soapy foam blanket over the burning oil and by cooling the oil below its ignition temperature.
Tianbo Wet chemical extinguishers are on top of the industry as apart from a good F rating, it has a nice A and B rating compared to the foam extinguisher in the market, which make it really a versatile extinguisher.
◆ Desigend and approved to EN3
◆ All models are tested to clause 9.2 of EN3-7 for use on live electrical equipments
◆ 3L and 6L models come with stylish lancer for easy application
◆ High UV resistent polyester coating for extra protection from extremely harsh elements
◆ Polyethylene lined cylinders for corrosion resistance
◆ Easy squeeze-grip operation and all metal handles
◆ Complete with metal brackets (2Litre models with vehicle brackets).

 Technical Data

Propellant Type Store Pressure
Extinguishing Medium Wet Chemical  
Capacity (Kg) 236
Shell Diameter(mm)110130162
Working Pressure(bar) 9
Test Pressure(bar) 27
Full Weight(kg)3.605.409.60
Discharge Time Approx.(second)152042
Temperature Range 5℃-+60℃ 5℃-+60℃ 5℃-+60℃ 
Fire Rating 8A 34B 25F 13A 70B 40F 21A 113B 75F 
Approved to En3 √ √ √ 


公司成立之初的主打产品是灭火器系列,随着近年的快速发展及市场的变化,产品扩大为手提式灭火器、推车灭火器、CO2灭火器、软管卷盘,产品已通过欧洲BSi、 EN、BLi、LPCB、APRAGAZ、AS、DNV、SABA等认证机构的产品和体系认证并持有证书,灭火等级达到欧洲最高等级。产品销往英国、德国、瑞典等欧洲多个国家并销往中东。




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