ABC Dry Powder is multi purpose for all A, B, C and Electrical fire risks.
Tianbo ABC dry powder extinguishers are filled with high performance ABC powder and  ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
◆ Desigend and approved to EN3
◆ Factory filled with high versatile ABC dry powder for great fire knock down
◆ High UV resistent polyester coating for extra protection from extremely   harsh elements
◆ Easy squeeze-grip operation and all metal handles
◆ Complete with metal brackets ( 1, 2kg models with vehicle brackets).
◆ Heavy duty brackets for marine and truck applications are optional

 Technical Data

Propellant Type Store Pressure
Extinguishing Medium ABC Powder ABC Powder ABC Powder ABC Powder ABC Powder 
Capacity (Kg) 346912
Height(mm)438 490540556672
Shell Diameter(mm)130130154182190
Working Pressure(bar) 15
Test Pressure(bar) 27
Full Weight(kg)5.206.809.3013.7017.40
Discharge Time Approx.(second)1517171930
Temperature Range -30℃-+60℃ -30℃-+60℃ -30℃-+60℃ -30℃-+60℃ -30℃-+60℃ 
Fire Rating 21A 113B C 27A 144B C 43A 233B C 55A 233B C 55A 233B C 
Approved to En3 √ √ √ √ √ 
Valve modelWPJ-2-00WPJ-2-00WPJ-3-00WPJ-3-00WPJ-3-00


公司成立之初的主打产品是灭火器系列,随着近年的快速发展及市场的变化,产品扩大为手提式灭火器、推车灭火器、CO2灭火器、软管卷盘,产品已通过欧洲BSi、 EN、BLi、LPCB、APRAGAZ、AS、DNV、SABA等认证机构的产品和体系认证并持有证书,灭火等级达到欧洲最高等级。产品销往英国、德国、瑞典等欧洲多个国家并销往中东。




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